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Movsport can provide a full range of custom sport bra for fitness bra importers.

sport bra can be applied to a variety of high and low intensity sports.

Based on the growing demand for women’s sports, workout bra is more popular.

The evolution of yoga pants is very rapid, from the original just for yoga exercise to a variety of sports now, it is extremely wide range of applications.
Movsport carefully provides the ultimate skin-friendly and breathable fabrics for brands that focus on sports, making a difference.

Relying on the exquisite processing technology, Mov shows customers the perfect gym tank, breathable and antibacterial, which is becoming the most popular fashion in the street.
Workout tank tops are easy and comfortable to coordinate with your body’s movement, and can be worn with all types of pants and skirts. Are you ready for the next season?

Movsport’s production team is in intense production to prepare our customers for next season’s sale of sport shirts. gym shirts are ideal for our running days, winter or summer.
The long length design can better protect us against the wind and cold in winter without constricting the body in motion.
The short design allows us to unleash our body energy in the summer and make the next weight goal possible.

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